Free Online Digital Marketing Tools for Non-Marketers

Have you ever thought of maximizing your online marketing potential to its’ fullest? There are tons of free tools online that ad-hoc marketers can use to get a good idea of where their traffic is coming from. If you are interested in Digital Marketing and are trying to get a grasp of the best way to be a lightweight “free software” marketer, here is a list of the softwares recommended to start out with.

These are great to start with because they lay the base for marketing and allowing you to understand the foundational aspects of tracking, landing page creation/ad symmetry, and much more.

So here we go!

Free HubSpot Marketing Certifications:

electrIQ marketing HubSpot Certifications

HubSpot Marketing Certifications:

HubSpot has tons of certifications and learning tools to take you to the next level of Marketing and Marketing Automation. Taking one of their online courses allows you to find out how to use HubSpot to maximize your marketing automation potential.

The HubSpot courses summary in one line: If you are interested in using HubSpot to set up landing pages, easily track your incoming and outgoing traffic, and then keep track of everything, you should take one of the certification classes to learn how you can be a lightweight marketer.

Free Google Search Console Tool (a.k.a. Google Webmaster Tool):


You can access the Google Search Console through this link:

The Google Search Console allows lightweight marketers to attract an audience organically by abiding to Google Webmaster Guidelines. When Google’s Crawl Algorithm goes through a website, it makes notes on the side in Google Search Console that allows you to gain insight into whether you are using the best practices. Google will give you information on how to improve your website, based on things their algorithm saw when it crawled your website.

How to use the Google Search Console: There is a 10 step guide, once you sign in, on best-practice Google Search Console methods that marketers can use to increase their overall SEO and organic website traffic.

Free Google Analytics Tool:

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 4.39.01 PM.png

You can access the free Google Analytics tool through this link:

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that is completely free. All you have to do is connect your website to Google Analytics and it tells you exactly where your website traffic is coming from (although it doesn’t tell you how to improve anything), and you can use those insights to show the person you want to do your marketing in the future, or you can do your own research on how to improve your website traffic and then track your growth through Google Analytics.

Why many people use this tool: Google Analytics is a great one-stop-shop for lightweight marketers that are looking to get adjusted to the marketing lingo and what it takes to really track and improve marketing initiatives. Google Analytics is also a great place to track your Google Adwords and how your conversions are being optimized (or a lack thereof).


Free Email Marketing Software Mailchimp:



Link to FREE MailChimp Email Blast/Automation Software:

MailChimp allows businesses of any size to maximize the amount of email contact capturing, by providing Call-To-Action boxes that lightweight marketers can input into their website easily, which prompts size visitors to give up their email for various reasons. An example would be for a simple email marketing list, or another example would be someone giving up their email for a free E-book, where in either case, MailChimp could collect the emails and categorize them to your liking.

Why people like MailChimp: It is a very easy way for email collecting, a lightweight and free email blasting software, and is very easy to use. You can customize the emails you send out, categorize your email blasts, and more.

Moz FREE Open-Site Explorer:


Link for FREE Moz Open Site Explorer:

The Moz Free Open Site explorer allows lightweight marketers to find what links are leading to your website, which pages on your website are already receiving the most traffic from visitors, how many links there are on other sites that link back to your website, the authority of your domain rank (How likely, According to Moz, your website will be displayed for the keywords you rank highly for), tells your what your anchor text on your site says (your anchor text is basically how Google Analyzes what your website is about, without reading the entire thing), and also shows you other link opportunities.

If you use this tool, there is also a chance that Moz has not crawled your website, so there could be some more work needed on the backside before your can take advantage of this, BUT, not a ton by any means!

Why people like the FREE Moz Open Site Explorer Tool: It’s any easy way to analyze all of the links associated with your website. Google Webmaster Guidelines say that SEO is 50% Authority and 50% Relevancy. By finding where people are coming from on other websites, you can add more authority to your SEO, which is 50% of the battle.


I hope this is a good start for free marketing tools that you can use to amplify your online presence for small businesses, medium sized and large marketing groups that may not have time/interest in creating a full Digital Marketing Budget at this moment.

These tools are great to dive in a get the gist of best-practice SEO.



Thanks for reading and cheers!

electrIQ marketing.

A millennial company.

Based out of Chicago and Los Angeles.




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